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Trailing Plant Box - contains 3-5 easy plants

Trailing Plant Box - contains 3-5 easy plants

❄️ Heat packs will now be included with orders at NO ADDITIONAL COST. We will check every order before they ship out and add one in if necessary. Orders may be held if daytime temperatures are below 20 degrees.

Trailing Plants Boxes are perfect for beginners or to give as gifts to friends and family for the holidays. These are very easy plants to care for. They can be hung from the ceiling in macrame hangers or just trail off of a shelf! Some examples are: Scindapsus, Philodendron, & Pothos.

You will receive:
- 3-5 4" pots of trailing plants that are currently available in our shop.
- Plant ID’s

These plants will be worth of equal or more value. You can't choose which plants will be included, but suggestions are welcome in the order notes. **We can’t make any promises or be held to these suggestions.

Plants in listing photo are just an example of a combination you may receive.


*plant may vary from photo based on stock *

Please understand that these are living plants. We always try to ship out all plants without any damage to their leaves, however, sometimes during the shipping process, the plant may get browning on a leaf or damage to a leaf. Also, sometimes plants can go into shock from shipping or different growing conditions. Plants should bounce back in a couple days once watered and placed in indirect sunlight/partial shade.